A little while ago, My family and some friends of ours went out to a restaurant opening party in Daikanyama Tokyo. The food was nice and there were free drinks, so that’s always a plus. Afterwards, however, we were all still feeling a bit peckish. So One of our friends who is from The U.S.A suggested that we go and check out this awesome pizza place that supposedly sells traditional New York style Pizzas.  I was a bit skeptical because up until this point almost all pizza places I have been to in Tokyo left a lot to be desired. But, having had a couple of beers and  a lack of better suggestions for an easy place to take a large group with kids, we decided to go check it out. I’m writing this article, probably…. 3 months after that night and I have gone back to this Traditional New York style pizza place at least 4 more times. Needless to say I was impressed. No! I was blown away. Pizza slice is the real deal and now a family favourite whenever we are in the area.



Pizza slice


Located between Shibuya and Daikanyama in a cozy side street, This New York style Pizza joint has made  quite a name for itself since opening. It serves up a great selection of traditional New York style pies such as pepperoni, cheese and  Italian sausage, as well as doing a daily special and other mouth watering slices! I recommend the caramelized Onion!


Big open space


The atmosphere is relaxed and social, having small separate tables and then two large family sized tables in the middle where you might end up making a new friend with the stranger sitting next to you. You are able to pick up individual slices of pizza or order a whole one, freshly cooked.



All great choices!


All in all this place has me, my family and my friends coming back for more. If you are in the Shibuya / Daikanyama area be sure to go and grab a slice.

Gotta have a go next time I'm there!

Gotta have a go next time I’m there!


Check out Pizza slice on their home page for location, special events and more info on their menu!

Caramelized onion slice

Caramelized onion slice


Anchovy and olive slice


Happy eating!




2 thoughts on “Traditional New York style pizza in the Heart Of Tokyo!

  1. I thought the pizza was horrible. It looked good enough, but the dough had no flavor, the sauce was sickly sweet and the cheese didn’t stand out at all. Rocco’s in Oji is still the only place I know of to get real NY pizza in Tokyo.


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