Do you need spoons? Do you need plates? Do you need pots, pans, proving baskets, silicon baking mats, plastic food sample phone holders or a kitchen sink?

If you live in Tokyo or you are just visiting, Kappabashi is a place you have to go and check out if you have a love for cooking. I discovered this diamond in the rough last year when talking to a friend about how it is so difficult to find things for baking or cooking in Tokyo.

I spent a day walking around Kappabashi checking out all the shops and I wanted to share with you some of my favourites.



This is Majimaya. This is any bakers heaven. It has everything. The selection of silicon bakeware is out of this world!




This is a small shop on Kapabashi called “Flavour land”. It has an awesome selection of liqueurs, food dyes, coloured chocolates and cake decorations, including gold and silver leaf.




This was the first sample shop I walked into. In Japan they love to use plastic images of food to show customers the size and type of dish they would be ordering. It’s a great idea, especially if you are a tourist and can’t speak any Japanese. You can just point to the model (what Japanese people call “samples”) and say “Ko-re-wa ku-da -sai” which translates to “This one please.”



Not only do the “sample” shops sell display models of food, you can deck out your house in the latest food furnishings! How about a toast light switch protector? Or a bowl of ramen note holder! I also found food mobile phone stands, key chains, pencil boxes, paper weights and many, many more weird and wonderful trinkets!  You can check out my instagram account on the side —> for other pictures.



This is Union coffee shop. It has a great selection of different coffee and tea pots as well as freshly ground coffee beans! Smelled fantastic!



Of course, every restaurant needs signs. There were a bunch of different shops with a vast array of signage. Including some imports from the United States. I especially like the one that warns people they don’t call 911…….. OF COURSE YOU DON’T! THIS IS JAPAN, NO ONE CALLS 911!… It’s actually 119!




I couldn’t believe the selection of amazing knives available. This being the home of the Katana, there were also a lot of samurai swords to see as well. It took all my will power not to buy a new set of Japanese made knives! My inner child was also telling me to climb into this suit of armor and scare people as they walk past…. Unfortunately my inner child was also hungry and food always wins!



These were just a couple of the wacky things you could see in Kapabashi. Boba Fett directing you to another signage shop and a building that has a dinosaur staring at you from across the road!




This is another thing that is great in Japan. The great number of different bowls you can find. Great designs and very cheap prices too.




This is “Kappa” It is a Japanese mythical creature that gets it name from the Japanese words for river (KAwa) and child (waPPA). In many stories the Kappa is not a very nice creature. Parents use the Kappa as a way of warning children not to play in the rivers. They say that Kappa tries to lure people into the water….  So that’s why I never see anyone swimming in rivers over here…..


Anyway. That’s it from my trip to Kapabashi. Hope you enjoyed the pics and the tidbits of info about each place. If you want to ask any questions about Kappabashi, just comment below and I will get back to you with an answer ASAP.


Thanks and… Happy eating!



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