The other day a friend of the family invited us to a cafe that just opened in Hiroo , a multicultural hub in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward. I’ve been to my fair share of cafes since moving to Tokyo and there are some great ones amongst the “chain store, cup-o-jo, brown water, trying to be coffee” cafes. Nem coffee & espresso is one of the former.


The cafe is owned and run by Takumi and Akiyo. A down to Earth couple who have created a very relaxed and laid back vibe in the middle of one of the worlds busiest cities.


Takumi and Akiyo. The happy owners.

They serve great coffee imported from Costa Rica and Honduras and also do an awesome chai latte using (got to plug the Aussie brand here) Prana Chai. The latte has a light spiced flavour with a subtle sweetness supplied by Arataki honey from New Zealand.


If you are in Tokyo and you feel like escaping the hustle and the bustle to grab yourself a good cup of coffee in a relaxed back street atmosphere, you have got to go and check out Nem coffee & espresso. Just click on the name for directions!


Happy drinking!



Foreign 2 Food.


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