To date this was definitely my favourite beer tasting experience! The Watering hole, located a short walk from Shinjuku station (Japan’s biggest and busiest train station, located in the heart of Tokyo) is every beer nuts (pun intended) dream!


I’ve been on a mission recently. To locate and try some of Tokyo’s best craft beer joints. This is a culture that is lowly gaining in popularity, as there used to beer very strict laws for the brewing of beer, so most of Japan’s beers were controlled by the big companies like Suntory, Sapporo, Asahi and Kirin. All of these companies do produce a good tasting basic brew, but now the laws have been lifted you are starting to see more and more micro breweries appear across the country.


In a country renowned for its sake (Japanese rice wine), people have been slow to accept different forms of alcohol and step outside the comfort zone of the high ball (whiskey based cocktail) drinking, karage (deep-fried Japanese style chicken) munching Izakayas (Japanese style pub) and begin to try and appreciate the worlds most popular alcoholic beverage for what it really is!


The list of beer at the watering hole is vast and pretty well priced for people who just want to enjoy a nice beer on a sunny day or head somewhere after work for a couple of sneaky beers before heading home.


I’d recommend going for the tasting set, 1,00 yen and you can try 4 different craft beers of your choice.


The menu is ever evolving and that makes for a fun time for new comers or regulars!




Happy drinking!



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