If any of you follow my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts, you would have seen many posts about a new cafe that has sprung up in Tokyo. Dear all , as it says in the logo, is a place to rest. The laid back vibe and cool relaxing music that streams through the Marshal speakers helps create a little oasis in front of a busy and bustling street.


Located a stones throw away from Sasazuka station in Tokyo’s Shibuya-ward. Dear all opened at the end of June this year (2016). It’s a new player on the coffee scene that is Central Tokyo, Although there is no lack of experience in the product.


The coffee is proudly supplied by Single origin roasters, A well-known coffee establishment in the heart of Sydney Australia, and is served by the friendly faces of Mei and Hoshi co owners/founders of Dear all. Mei is the barista at Dear all and he  is synonymous with the coffee – cafe scene in Tokyo.  Hoshi provides fantastic and Friendly service with classic Japanese hospitality.


The guys, a long with their design team have created a minimalistic space that still exudes warmth and comfort, allowing you to feel relaxed and open to striking up a conversation with other patrons of the cafe. On my visits to the newly opened Dear all I have managed to meet a number of very interesting and sociable people whilst enjoying a beautiful cup of coffee.


So if you are ever in Shibuya-ward and you are looking for a place to escape and rest, please consider popping over to Dear all and saying hi to the guys.



Happy Drinking!



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