Hi everyone!
My name is Jason and I created this website. I did so for a number of reasons. All of which would be made clearer if you knew a little more about me.

I am originally from Sydney Australia. I moved to Japan with my family in 2012 and have lived here ever since. For anyone who lives in Tokyo or has visited, you will know that it is a pretty intense city with many attractions, lights, sounds and noises. Well for me, coming from a small country town and never really seeing the appeal of living in a big city, this had started to take its toll. Cooking was my escape, my happy place.
The name “Foreign 2 Food” basically has 2 components. People can be unaware of different ingredients and food from other cultures and how to use them. I want to be able to educate people, as well as myself, in these ingredients and foods and show people how to use them. So in this sense I want to introduce “foreign” concepts and help people turn it into “food“. The other component being that I my self am a foreigner in Japan and for many expats out there, food is one of the things that helps us deal with being away from home for long periods of time.
Thanks for visiting my site and don’t forget to follow my page for updates on new recipes, recommendations and tips and if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions please leave me a comment below and I will personally get back to you with my thanks.
Cheers for reading!
Jason Duncan.