Dear all Coffee and Espresso – Tokyo

The laid back vibe and cool relaxing music that streams through the Marshal speakers helps create a little oasis in front of a busy and bustling street.


The Watering hole Tokyo!

The Watering hole, located a short walk from Shinjuku station (Japan's biggest and busiest train station, located in the heart of Tokyo) is every beer nuts (pun intended) dream!

Nem Coffee & espresso

The other day a friend of the family invited us to a cafe that just opened in Hiroo , a multicultural hub in Tokyo's Shibuya ward.

Toby Marshall: The philosophy of a Merivale bartender — Meetthepeople

Great friend of mine, Great bartender, Great article by Meet The Peeps!

Sake-it to me baby!

Now if you have never seen Austin Powers you probably wont get the reference in the title. Hopefully you got that this article is about Sake, the traditional Japanese alcoholic drink. Now this beverage is still rather foreign to me, as I have always been more of a beer and wine drinker, but the longer I live in…Read more Sake-it to me baby!