Pork rub recipe

In preparation for the barbecue I did a lot of research on smoking techniques, rubs and sauces. This time i didn't make my own sauce, but I made my own spice rubs.


BBQ-ATHON 2016 overview

Recently I decided to invite a group of friends over and put on a massive barbecue. This was the biggest barbecue I have ever done.

Vegetarian Minestrone

This is a rainy day recipe. Meaning that it's best to eat Minestrone on a rainy day, curled up inside your house with a glass of wine and some crusty bread.

It’s been a while….

I have been extremely busy over the last month and haven't really had the time to post any new recipes. That's not to say I haven't been working on anything.

The Watering hole Tokyo!

The Watering hole, located a short walk from Shinjuku station (Japan's biggest and busiest train station, located in the heart of Tokyo) is every beer nuts (pun intended) dream!

Home made wasabi mayonnaise!

The recipe is basic, but I'v given it a twist by adding in the wasabi. Of course if you don't like spicy you could go for some other flavours.

Home made hummus with flat bread

To me, there is almost nothing better than a good hummus! Bet you I'm the only person to have ever said those words before!

Satay sauce!

This is my take on a classic south-east Asian sauce that we in Australia love to slap on a shish-kebab or toss around a stir fry.

Food for thought – Paleo Diet

If you're familiar with the term "hunter-gatherer", then you might be familiar with the eating habits of our ancestors, the Palaeolithic humans.

Food for thought – Juice cleansing

This has to be one of the most talked about ways of fighting the bulge and improving your over-all health, but does it actually work?