BBQ-ATHON 2016 overview

Recently I decided to invite a group of friends over and put on a massive barbecue. This was the biggest barbecue I have ever done.


Italian style pulled pork with red wine vinegar salad

In Tokyo its Spring and that means we can finally head outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Picnics in the park, going skateboarding with my kids, grabbing a beer and relaxing on the balcony while listening to Queen on the record player... And if there is one food that goes well with all of those events it has to be pulled pork!

Strawberry yogurt cake

Strawberries, Yogurt, coconut, cake. Is your mouth watering yet?

Yeast free oregano and Parmesan focaccia.

I was sitting at home on my day off last week and thinking to myself, what am I going to make my daughter and I for lunch. I had the ingredients to make sandwiches, but no bread. Sure most normal people would have then gone to shops and bought some bread and made sandwiches, but…Read more Yeast free oregano and Parmesan focaccia.

This is what I’m looking forward to this summer!

White chocolate, macadamia and matcha cake

Get your cake hole around this White chocolate, macadamia and matcha cake!

Banana Choc scones

These scones are a fantastic snack! All the family will love them . A classic combination of banana and chocolate in a classic British scone! Makes: 10 - 12 Ingredients: 275 g plain white flour 3 tsp baking powder ½ tsp salt 50 g butter (room temp, not melted) 30 g castor sugar 100 g dark…Read more Banana Choc scones

Mini cookies and cream cheescakes

Mini cookie and cream cheesecakes! website coming soon for these and many more recipes, tips and hints for cooking foreign food!

My faux Christmas pudding

It’s not a christmas pudding, but one of my best dessert creations! A marshmallow mousse zuccoto, with white chocolate sauce!

Chocolate Marshmallow mouse

Chocolate marshmallow mousse.