Pork rub recipe


“So this is the first of the two rubs I used for my BBQ-ATHON a couple of weeks ago.”

Vegetarian Minestrone

“This is a rainy day recipe. Meaning that it’s best to eat Minestrone on a rainy day, curled up inside your house with a glass of wine and some crusty bread.”


Home made hummus with flat bread


“To me, there is almost nothing better than a good hummus! Bet you I’m the only person to have ever said those words before!”

Home made wasabi mayonnaise!


“The recipe is basic, but I’v given it a twist by adding in the wasabi. Of course if you don’t like spicy you could go for some other flavours.”

Satay sauce!


“This is my take on a classic south-east Asian sauce that we in Australia love to slap on a shish-kebab or toss around a stir fry.”



“Some call them profiteroles, some call them cream puffs. Here in Japan they are known as choux cream (pronounced “SHOO”)!”


Italian style pulled pork with red wine vinegar salad


“In Tokyo its Spring and that means we can finally head outside and enjoy the warmer weather.”

Whole wheat matcha and choc-chip scones.


“It’s been a while since I did a scone recipe and it’s also been a while since I did a Japanese inspired recipe. So I thought I’d kill two birds with one scone….”


Triple chocolate whole wheat banana pancakes!


“I just wanted to share with you this delicious set   of pancakes I made for my wife this morning.”


Banana sourdough pancakes.


“After receiving a sourdough starter from a friend of mine at work, I began the task of feeding it.”

Strawberry yogurt cake 

“Strawberries, Yogurt, coconut, cake. Is your mouth watering yet?”

Spider man carrot and walnut cake


“You know the song!….. Spider man, Spider man, your friendly neighbourhood spider man carrot cake…..”

Anpan man banana oatmeal cake!


“Well, for me, it’s that time of year again. Kid’s birthdays! And lucky me, I’ve got two in the same month!”

fondant icing- The how to’s and don’t do’s


“So recently I made two cakes for my kids for each of their birthdays and I decided to decorate each cake with fondant icing.”

Apple-n cinnamon carrot scones


“These are my favourite scones to make. They are soft, moist and delicious.  A classic combo of flavours!”

Apple and raisin scones


“This recipe is scone… To… Make you hungry!  Hahaha, scone puns. Any way I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did! “

Banana choc scones

Banana choc scones

“These scones are a fantastic snack! All the family will love them . A classic combination of banana and chocolate in a classic British scone!”

Peanut butter chocolate scones


“Peanut butter chocolate scones, peanut butter chocolate scones, where ya at, where ya at, where ya at, where ya at! In ma belly, in ma belly, in ma belly, in ma belly! ……… yum!”

Komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach) flat bread


“Using Japanese mustard spinach to make good flat bread better!”

Japanese influenced Cinnamon rolls


“Delicious cinnamon rolls with a twist! Some are actually made with Japanese sweet red bean paste and kinako! Oh and the frosting is caramel! Whaaat?!”

White chocolate, macadamia and matcha cake


“Get your cake hole around this White chocolate, macadamia and matcha cake!”

Yeast free oregano and Parmesan focaccia


“I was sitting at home on my day off last week and thinking to myself, what am I going to make my daughter and I for lunch. I had the ingredients to make sandwiches, but no bread. Sure most normal people would have then …”